Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-School and Tigers Fun

The kids are doing great!  Jake is learning to fix the Barbie Jeep!  Mostly because Sydney didn't want him using it anymore and unhooked the battery!  Oh cousin Fun!  They had so much fun visiting with their cousins!
Critterman at School!  So much fun!  Jake brought gloves to touch the animals with, but Tess was so brave and wanted to grab them all!  I love this picture of her belly sticking out loud and proud!  

At the Very end though Jake got brave with the Snake. 

Paws signed his hat!  Big moment for Jake!

Tigers game with both kids, and we stayed till the end!  Our biggest help though were ring pops!  Tess and Jake were both blue by the end of the game.  I think it was their favorite part that and the carousal ride at the end!

Kensington Farm Field Trip!  No i don't think Jake was that interested in the 40lb bunny!

Tess however would have crawled in the cage with the Horses!  She loved it!  Every time her feet hit the ground she went running for them!  You know how in all of those books they tell you that toddlers just test their limits but always look back to see that your still around!  Not Tess!  She is to interested and runs as fast as possible to, , , well anywhere!  Its tough having two sometimes because as i was chasing her another mom or 3 had to tell me that jake was peeing under the play structure near by but i had to chase down Tess first before i could get to him!  Ah one day i'll figure this "Mom" thing out!


Jocelyn Edin said...

I don't think we ever do really figure it out. We just get better all the time and just do the best we can! Adorable photos. That one of Tess with the boxing gloves, ah!!!

Heather said...

I love the belly picture ...cute!
And thanks for finally blogging;)