Monday, November 21, 2011

Tess is One!

How crazy that its been a year since she arrived!  Just cause i was already at the hospital today i went walking with her to the nursery, so funny!  Ok maybe i'm just nosey and wanted to see the new babies but it was fun to see my old room and tell her that was where she first met Jake!

Squishy Face!
The before picture!
She is 18lb 3oz and I am so proud to say 25% for weight and 10 % for height, not to mention the 40% for head size!  Silly!  She was happy as a clam at her appointment yet we learned she had an ear infection!  She is such a different person than Jake, during his ear infection days we were up all night with big fevers! Anyway she was not a fan of the 4 shots, ouch, neither was I though.

We had a wonderful birthday party where she Dug in to the cake and got good and messy!

She is also working on walking up to 5 steps now even thought when we try to encurage her to walk she wants nothing to do with it!  It has to be her idea, then she'll give it a shot.  She has discovered how to make friends and is a big ham!  She smiles and makes a squishy face when ever she makes eye contact with you which i think is the cutest thing ever!

She is also learning how to give her dolls hugs, it is also too cute!  This birthday thing by the holidays though is crazy i didn't even see thanksgiving comming, until preschool started getting us ready!

Hope you all have a great holiday!  Gobble Gobble, shop!
Sharing my cake with friends!

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Jocelyn said...

Happy belated birthday to Tess!! What a cutie patootie! Beautiful cake too. So fun tailgating with you guys yesterday :)