Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tess is Two!

Todays Dr apt Stats:

32" Tall 8%
23lb's     7%
Head    35%

She is the biggest Ham smiling and saying Hi Guys to all the nurses but of course zipping her lip when the Dr came in not a single world even though they say she should have 200 words at this age!  Oh well yesterday my mom's car was parked out side and we heard her first 4 word sentence "Grandma Where are you!"  repeated lots and lots of times!  So cute.  She loves to do everything her brother is doing of course but she is also enjoying her new Vanity center blowdrying her hair and putting on lipstick as well as lots of accessories.
Of course she had a wonderful birthday!  She woke up at Disney world and on her way to breakfast a little boy walked up to her and gave her flowers!  She was a little excited about it!  
Then we got on the Disney boat at lunch time!  Good way to start the week!

Pirate Night!  Goofy!
Jake loved seeing all of the characters!  Buzz and Tinkerbell I think were his favorites!  Tess loved Donald or at least always asked about him!  After the second day she wasn't scared of anybody and would walk up to them by her self!  I was impressed!

This was during one of the dance party's before dinner he actually spun her around and danced with her for a whole song! So cute.  Then of course we had to sit down to the 4 course dinner and the cuteness wore off a bit!

Looking like big kids here! 

After Tess' Picture he ran back in for an extra Hug!  

This was our boat from our stop in San Juan!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Fun

Wow are my kids fun these days, ok well some days!

Tess' talking is so much fun to hear!  She says something new everyday and its so much fun to realize how much she's learning, the other night she pointed out unprompted a cow and a lamb!  She loves to show you her nose and ears etc. and it is the only game that will keep her from rolling off the changing table most days.  She just doesn't have time in her schedule for that.  She loves to talk and play with her brother mostly saying yes or no or right to anything he says.  Yet when she might say the wrong thing or he doesn't react quite the way she wants him to she is quick to let him know with a good hit to the head.  Poor guy she is learning to hit with objects these days and he's been surprised by a good hit a time or two.

He loves to tell you his great ideas!  His whole face will light up at 10:30 at night when he sneaks out of his room to say hey mom i've got a great idea.  The other night after reluctantly tucking him back in bed for the 9th time, layed down and listened to about 20 "Great ideas".  They are about the randomist things like how he wants to be Bubble Pop man for halloween and how he should have a picture of his house on his costume, and oh i've got a great idea, i could bring a hammer and pop the bubbles, and oh i've got a great idea i could , , , ,  oh how creative he gets 2 hours past bed time!

We have started a Music Together class and Tess absolutely loves it!  While it took jake 1/2 the class to warm up before he started to Bang the cymbols together with all of his might,  it took no time to relocate and sit with the Teacher instead of her mommy like the rest of the kids in class!  I think after all this time dropping jake off at school with her screaming ME!  ME!  that she is so excited to be included in the fun!  So exciting to see her turn into the funnest little girl!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Riding a Two Wheeler!

Bike Day!  For the last two weeks he's been waking up asking if it was bike day!  His awesome preschool has bike day where they block off he parking lot and draw a road for the kids to ride their bikes on!  Everybody brings a bike or scooter and goes almost the whole day!  It was so much fun!  Jake rode every single bike no matter how big or pink or how many wheels it had!

At the end of the day he tried Jamison's two wheeler and took of after the first 10 feel.  Mostly because he had no idea why i was holding on to the bike and wanted me to let go.  After a while he realized he only needed me to get started then he was off!  I was at school trying not to cry i was so proud and he had no idea he was doing anything different, and wouldn't even let me call or text to tell anyone on the way home.  It was a secret he didn't want to share.  So funny!  I can't believe he actually can ride a big bike!  I better get the tires filled up in mine to keep up with him!  Well you know after we buy him one of his own.  Anybody grow out of their 10' bike yet?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pre-School and Tigers Fun

The kids are doing great!  Jake is learning to fix the Barbie Jeep!  Mostly because Sydney didn't want him using it anymore and unhooked the battery!  Oh cousin Fun!  They had so much fun visiting with their cousins!
Critterman at School!  So much fun!  Jake brought gloves to touch the animals with, but Tess was so brave and wanted to grab them all!  I love this picture of her belly sticking out loud and proud!  

At the Very end though Jake got brave with the Snake. 

Paws signed his hat!  Big moment for Jake!

Tigers game with both kids, and we stayed till the end!  Our biggest help though were ring pops!  Tess and Jake were both blue by the end of the game.  I think it was their favorite part that and the carousal ride at the end!

Kensington Farm Field Trip!  No i don't think Jake was that interested in the 40lb bunny!

Tess however would have crawled in the cage with the Horses!  She loved it!  Every time her feet hit the ground she went running for them!  You know how in all of those books they tell you that toddlers just test their limits but always look back to see that your still around!  Not Tess!  She is to interested and runs as fast as possible to, , , well anywhere!  Its tough having two sometimes because as i was chasing her another mom or 3 had to tell me that jake was peeing under the play structure near by but i had to chase down Tess first before i could get to him!  Ah one day i'll figure this "Mom" thing out!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tess is One!

How crazy that its been a year since she arrived!  Just cause i was already at the hospital today i went walking with her to the nursery, so funny!  Ok maybe i'm just nosey and wanted to see the new babies but it was fun to see my old room and tell her that was where she first met Jake!

Squishy Face!
The before picture!
She is 18lb 3oz and I am so proud to say 25% for weight and 10 % for height, not to mention the 40% for head size!  Silly!  She was happy as a clam at her appointment yet we learned she had an ear infection!  She is such a different person than Jake, during his ear infection days we were up all night with big fevers! Anyway she was not a fan of the 4 shots, ouch, neither was I though.

We had a wonderful birthday party where she Dug in to the cake and got good and messy!

She is also working on walking up to 5 steps now even thought when we try to encurage her to walk she wants nothing to do with it!  It has to be her idea, then she'll give it a shot.  She has discovered how to make friends and is a big ham!  She smiles and makes a squishy face when ever she makes eye contact with you which i think is the cutest thing ever!

She is also learning how to give her dolls hugs, it is also too cute!  This birthday thing by the holidays though is crazy i didn't even see thanksgiving comming, until preschool started getting us ready!

Hope you all have a great holiday!  Gobble Gobble, shop!
Sharing my cake with friends!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


We went pumpkin picking a couple weeks ago when it was still hot hot hot out!  Hard to believe now, but it really was!We watched the cows eat pumpkins and tried to decide weather that made orange milk or not!  Jake has yet to decide.  We went to Giant Pumpkin and they are nothing if not accurate, jake was determined to find a pumpkin he could pick up and it was a long hunt, 80% of the pumpkins were this size!  

Thought my t-town friends would like this one!  Tess is Rocking the Tecumseh Indians t-shirt!  I am excited though i got one of the giant pumpkins and hope to put Tess in it for one good picture when we carve them wish me luck!

 Pulling the wagon back to the front was a little tricky, but jake was keeping a close eye on this one!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple picking!

So even though i was really hopeful for a second summer in september it looks like its not going to happen so in an effort to accept fall we had to do the quintessential fall activity, apple picking!

Jake, Tess and I even went raspberry picking too, i tried to be very careful when eating the berries to not leave any evidence of the taste testing but i'm afraid it ended up all over Tess' shirt!  Not a good sneaker yet!
Tess loved gnawing on the apples too.  Only bad thing was she kept dropping them and she was in the front carrier and i kept stepping on them!

Gotta Climb a Tree! 

Jake did a great job picking berries not a single complaint about the prickers!  Then off to apple picking all the little ones wanted to do was eat the apples and search for pumpkins since we got them there last year too.  We followed through the forrest of apples until the bugs talked us out of the orchard.  All and all a good fall day!
This one i just love cause Jake is still climbing in the back ground!