Thursday, October 20, 2011


We went pumpkin picking a couple weeks ago when it was still hot hot hot out!  Hard to believe now, but it really was!We watched the cows eat pumpkins and tried to decide weather that made orange milk or not!  Jake has yet to decide.  We went to Giant Pumpkin and they are nothing if not accurate, jake was determined to find a pumpkin he could pick up and it was a long hunt, 80% of the pumpkins were this size!  

Thought my t-town friends would like this one!  Tess is Rocking the Tecumseh Indians t-shirt!  I am excited though i got one of the giant pumpkins and hope to put Tess in it for one good picture when we carve them wish me luck!

 Pulling the wagon back to the front was a little tricky, but jake was keeping a close eye on this one!


Anonymous said...

Cute pumpkin pickers! Can't wait to see Tess inside a pumpkin! Ha! Great pics and it looks like they had a fun time. Love the Tecumseh Indians t-shirt that Tess is modeling at the pumpkin patch! Happy Halloween Jake & Tess!

Heather said... up Indians;)

Heather said...

Wait I left a comment earlier and it's gone! ..that's what the ps was for. Ah well! ..great pumpkin patch find!