Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apple picking!

So even though i was really hopeful for a second summer in september it looks like its not going to happen so in an effort to accept fall we had to do the quintessential fall activity, apple picking!

Jake, Tess and I even went raspberry picking too, i tried to be very careful when eating the berries to not leave any evidence of the taste testing but i'm afraid it ended up all over Tess' shirt!  Not a good sneaker yet!
Tess loved gnawing on the apples too.  Only bad thing was she kept dropping them and she was in the front carrier and i kept stepping on them!

Gotta Climb a Tree! 

Jake did a great job picking berries not a single complaint about the prickers!  Then off to apple picking all the little ones wanted to do was eat the apples and search for pumpkins since we got them there last year too.  We followed through the forrest of apples until the bugs talked us out of the orchard.  All and all a good fall day!
This one i just love cause Jake is still climbing in the back ground!

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Heather said...

Looks like a good day! And smart to do it on a semi warm one. We're going to freeze our booty's off when we go!