Monday, May 14, 2012

Riding a Two Wheeler!

Bike Day!  For the last two weeks he's been waking up asking if it was bike day!  His awesome preschool has bike day where they block off he parking lot and draw a road for the kids to ride their bikes on!  Everybody brings a bike or scooter and goes almost the whole day!  It was so much fun!  Jake rode every single bike no matter how big or pink or how many wheels it had!

At the end of the day he tried Jamison's two wheeler and took of after the first 10 feel.  Mostly because he had no idea why i was holding on to the bike and wanted me to let go.  After a while he realized he only needed me to get started then he was off!  I was at school trying not to cry i was so proud and he had no idea he was doing anything different, and wouldn't even let me call or text to tell anyone on the way home.  It was a secret he didn't want to share.  So funny!  I can't believe he actually can ride a big bike!  I better get the tires filled up in mine to keep up with him!  Well you know after we buy him one of his own.  Anybody grow out of their 10' bike yet?

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Melissa said...

After you posted that video of him last year on his strider, I knew he would be up and riding a two wheeler in no time. Nice work, Jake!!